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Sand Consultation

Premier Equestrian offers (1) free sand analysis report and consultation to help you to better understand how to improve your surface by adding a footing amendment to provide your equine athlete an ideal arena surface to train and perform on.

If you are interested in adding a footing amendment to your new or existing arena, we will provide 1 sand test report for free. Additional sand test reports are $45 each.

This service is for customers looking to add a footing amendment. If you are doing a sand only arena with no additives. Please see our arena consulting services

Download the arena evaluation form, (click here for form) fill it out in its entirety and mail it to us along with about 2 cups of your new or existing sand. If your sending more than 1 sample please include your credit card and billing information.

When collecting your sand sample take the sample all the way down to the base. We need a good representation of all the particle sizes in your existing arena. Small sand particles tend to fall to the base while larger particles tend to be on the top.

You want to make an informed and educated decision about your arena footing.  Our goal is to help you do this. We are not trying sell you an overpriced arena footing or installation you don’t need.  Our goal is to help you understand your arena surface and help you make an educated decision on the products that are right for you. We have found most horse owners know what they want and just need some information and guidance to get their desired result.  We are here to help.

 For additional information about sand download our free booklet click to download /view our Arena Sand Specifications booklet .

 There are many factors that make a great riding surface.
Sand Types Arena Sand


  • Type of base
  • Qualities of your Sand
  • Footing additives
  • Watering capabilities
  • Climate
  • Drainage
  • Grooming and maintenance equipment

 All of these must be considered in producing a competent surface. Click here for evaluation form.

Mail sand sample and completed evaluation form to:Sand Analysis



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