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Parma Arena Groomer


The PARMA Arena Groomer has been proven in arenas and on tracks for all events that require good footing. Its ability to prepare your footing as well as the condition the top surface in one pass can improve the performance of your horse and save stress on his legs at the same time.

The unit uses vibrating "S" tines that can be set to your desired digging depth. Following the tines is a leveling bar that will shave off high spots and fill in any holes as you pass over the arena. To the rear of the machine is a roller that conditions and flattens the surface and also gauges the depth of the tines, leaving a uniform finish on your arena. The Parma mini-groomer can be easily pulled by any small lawn tractor or 4- wheeler with 21 HP or more. The Tongue and Screwjack attachment enables you to raise and lower the tines to simulate a three point hitch.

The Parma Arena Groomer is great for mixing all types of footing including textured fiber, felt, rubber and textile footing ammendments. Includes a one year warranty.

Parma Arena Groomer Schematics

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Parma Arena Groomer Assembly Instructions 5 ft, 6 ft, 7 ft.

Parma Arena Groomer Assembly Instructions 8 ft, 10 ft, 12 ft.