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Athletex      Athletex

adrienne lyle athletexEquestrian Footing by Premier EquestrianNEW! ATHLETEX™ Equestrian Footing 

ATHLETEX™ is designed to give you maximum cushion while retaining moisture and adding stability. ATHLETEX™ is made from recycled athletic shoes. It is a mixture of rubber and textile. We use rubber for cushion and textile for stability.

The recycling process produces two types of  ATHLETEX™; light and heavy. The ATHLETEX™ Light is mainly the top part of the shoe, woven and non-woven synthetic textiles. The ATHLETEX™ Heavy is mainly from the bottom of the shoe, natural and synthetic rubber of various densities. Both products ATHLETEX™ Light and ATHLETEX™ Heavy contain textile and rubber. The difference is ATHLETEX™ Light has more textiles and ATHLETEX™ Heavy has more rubber. Rubber enhances cushion while textile enhances stability. 



Footing made from recycled athletic shoes provides reduced shear, stable traction and durable cushioning. ATHLETEX™ is suited for dressage, jumping, western pleasure, vaulting, and all other types of arenas. Because of the traction and cushioning provided by ATHLETEX™ it performs excellent for multi-purpose arenas. 

ATHLETEX™ is mixed with sand at either .75 lbs or 1 lb per square foot pending on your traffic, see calculator box below. This ratio gives the surface spring, cushion, and stability. ATHLETEX™ is suitable to mix with a wide variety of sands. It will perform in course sand and fine sand or sand that falls in-between. 


Kim Severson installed our Athletex footing in her new arena, and she loves it!”  Read More 

Either product you choose ATHLETEX™ Heavy or ATHLETEX™ Light, or a combination of both, your equine athletes will be performing on the same materials as human athletes.  And they will thank you for it!
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Athletex Equestrian Footing 45¢ per pound Athletex Equestrian FootingComparison
(Freight additional)

Use these chart to calculate the amount needed for your horse arena.

For all arenas.
Width x Length = Square
Multiply by 1 = Total Pounds Total Price
x = x 1 =