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Premier Equestrian has supplied some very prestigious competition venues and riding facilities across the world. From small private arenas to high level competition arenas. Premier Equestrian has a solution that is right for you.

Steffen PEttersOlympian Steffen Peters Masters Footing Issues with Premier’s Master’s Blend Footing

“Masters Blend is the best footing we have ever ridden on,” stated Peters. “We have found that the textile footing, while fantastic for competition, could be a bit firm for everyday riding. Master’s Blend is the perfect combination of materials, provides superior traction as well as cushioning, retains moisture well, reduces dust, and is very easy to maintain. We couldn’t be happier with Master’s Blend arena footing and the customer service from Premier. Simply the best!”Read MorePremier Equestrian was able to put back into our footing. You guys are simply the best!! Thank you from all of us at River Grove!

- Olympian Steffen Peters

Adrienne LyleTestimonial from
Adrienne Lyle

I want to say a giant thank you to Premier Equestrian for giving our footing at River Grove Farm an amazing make-over!!!

The sand in our arena was getting tired, broken down and lifeless. For the last 20 years we've been pounding the footing and it just seemed worn out. With 4 arenas on the property, it didn't make much sense to dig it all out and start over. When I spoke with Heidi at Premier Equestrian she mentioned that old broken down sand, sometimes works the best to use with textile footings. The fines and different size sand particles mix well with the textiles and create a very stable surface. The textiles soak up the dust fines and helps retain moisture and keep the surface from hard compacting. I sent Heidi a sand sample and she tested it to verify how it would perform. The sieve analysis report showed that it would work, so we decided to add the ProTex footing to our existing old sand. And wow, huge improvement! The cost was a fraction of what a complete redo would have been and it is like having brand new footing! It feels so incredible to ride on. I can't believe how much "life" Read MorePremier Equestrian was able to put back into our footing. You guys are simply the best!! Thank you from all of us at River Grove!

- Adrienne Lyle

Jim Koford 2013 Florida Dressage CircuitPremier Equestrian Provides Arena Footing for The Event at Rebecca Farm

Kalispell, MT – On July 25-28, 2013, Rebecca Farm in Kalispell Montana will hold their annual equestrian triathlon entitled The Event at Rebecca Farm. This year’s Event features brand new arena footing supplied by Premier Equestrian, LLC. As a leader in the equestrianfooting industry, Premier Equestrian was chosen to update the arena footing in Rebecca Farm’s three 75 x 75 meter arenas. Premier Equestrian is proud to be a part ofthis exciting equestrian triathlon and is a major sponsor of the event along with providing its products.

Del Mar Horse Show Premier Equestrian is the Official Footing Supplier of the Del Mar National Horse Show!

San Diego,CA ­ Premier Equestrian is proud to announce that their latest, most innovative and eco-friendly solutions for equestrian arena footing have been selected as the official footing supplier of the Del Mar National Horse Show. "We here at Premier Equestrian have been working with arenas and footing for a long time," states Premier Equestrian co-founder and CEO, Mark Neihart about their expertise in equestrian arenas. "We choose products that work, products that you will find us using in our own arena that we trust and that also provide the cushion and traction to be used on the world stage. Most importantly, all of our products are safe, effective, and durable. We are excited that all of the incredible horses and riders competing at Del Mar this year will be able to experience Premier Footing for themselves, first hand."
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Footing for Dressage MastersPremier Equestrian Made Everything Under Foot Ideal at JimBrandon Equestrian Center During World Dressage Masters Palm Beach

West Palm Beach, FL (March 17, 2011)  ­ Dressage rider Steffen Peters not only rode away with a personal best and high score of 80.872% during the World Dressage Masters (WDM) Palm Beach, but Peters praised the custom blended GGT FootingTM in the arenas at Jim Brandon Equestrian Center for the World Dressage Masters and said the footing helped him ride Ravel to victory. Premier Equestrian, LLC,  added GGT FootingTM to create a custom blend for the existing footing in the rings at Jim Brandon Equestrian Center prior to the World Dressage Masters.

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Abu Dhabi Horse JumpingPremier Equestrian Builds Arenas For Royal Family In Abu Dhabi!

Premier Equestrian has constructed three equestrian arenas at the prestigious Al Asayl Equestrian Center in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Al Asayl is one of the most advanced private centers in the UAE, and the Al Asayl Racing is owned by HH the President Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan. Under the initiatives pursued by Chairman of the UAE Equestrian and Racing Federation HH Dr. Sheikh Sultan bin Khalifa Al Nahyan it has grown much since its beginnings over a decade and a half ago.

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Palm Beach Sports ComplexPalm Beach Equine adds ProTex Footing to two more arenas at Sports Complex

Wellington, FL (September 1, 2011) ­ Thanks to rave reviews on the ProTex Horse Arena Footing in the covered arena at the Palm Beach Equine Sports Complex, the sports complex is adding ProTex Footing, from Premier Equestrian, to two additional arenas. The Palm Beach Equine Sports Complex is located adjacent to the Palm Beach Equine Clinic, in the heart of Wellington, Florida, and Palm Beach Equine as well as professionals throughout Wellington are endorsing the equine arena footing in the covered arena.

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Lynnleigh Farm InstitueBoarders at Lynnleigh Farm institute "Buy A Square" Program to put GGT Footing underfoot

Sandy, UT (June 29, 2011) -- A group of enthusiastic boarders at Lynnleigh Farm, one of the oldest and most notable boarding and riding facilities in Utah, recently gathered together to purchase GGT Horse Arena Footing for their indoor arena, resulting in a new-and-improved arena that has everyone at Lynnleigh jumping for joy. The boarders bought the GGT footing from Premier Equestrian, a leading supplier of dressage arenas, horse jumps, arena footing and stable accessories, in a program provided by Premier Equestrian called "Buy A Square," with the average donation costing about $125 per person.

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Arena Footing Install Del Mar

Article in California Riding Magazine April 2013 New Arena Footings, a chat with an expert.

You may have noticed, there is a footing revolution happening across the equestrian world. Most major equestrian facilities, such as The Del Mar National Horse Show, are upgrading their arenas with today’s new footing systems. The facilities managers are realizing that in order to attract and keep the major competitions their arenas need to have the latest and greatest footings available. This has led many ‘back-yard’ riders to reconsider their footing and more and more these people are deciding to take the step and upgrade their home turf arena. Read More